EPACC 国际环保公益设计大赛 2023

[ 美国 / USA ]
The 7TH Environmental Protection
Art Creation Competition
Dooo Design Studio
+ 2 项 作品 铜奖
时 间: 23-12-17    |    // Link | 链接 //



The 7th Environmental Protection Art Creation Competition is an international public welfare design event hosted by the American Association for Cultural and Art Exchange (ACAE) in the United States, China, and New Zealand, and organized by the American Association for Cultural and Art Exchange.


Currently, the seventh edition is underway simultaneously in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), reaching millions of designers and environmentalists. The competition has a clear theme, advocating for environmental design concepts. The competition units involve visual communication design, industrial product design, and environmental art design, emphasizing new creative methods such as material recombination and green environmental protection.


This international competition aims to promote and encourage the integration of environmental protection concepts and sustainable practices in the field of design. It provides a platform for designers worldwide to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions that contribute to environmental sustainability. The competition not only highlights the importance of environmental protection but also the power of design in advocating and driving change for a more sustainable future.







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