Mastering Type 2

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Mastering Type 2nd Edition
掌控字体设计 2
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《 Mastering Type 2nd Edition 掌控字体设计2 》,即将于2024年出版。作者 Denise Bosler 是一位屡获殊荣的女设计师,也是美国库兹敦大学的教授,专注于字体设计和应用研究,2012 年曾出版 《 Mastering Type 》,由英国知名出版社 Bloomsbury 全球发行。


Packages on store shelves, posters on building walls, pages of a website—all contain information that needs to be communicated. At the heart of that communication is type: visually interesting, interactive, expressive and captivating. Each letter must come alive; therefore, each letter must be carefully crafted or chosen. A solid foundation in typography, as well as an understanding of its nuances, will help you optimize your visual communication—in whatever form it takes.


By breaking down the study of type into a systematic progression of relationships—letter, word, sentence, paragraph, page and screen—award-winning graphic designer and professor of communication design Denise Bosler provides a unique and illuminating perspective on typography for both print and digital media and for designers of all skill levels.


Through instruction, interviews and real-world inspiration, Mastering Type explores the power of each typographic element—both as it stands alone and as it works with other elements—to create successful design, to strengthen your skill set and to inspire your next project.







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