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[ 伊朗 / Iran ]
3rd International Annual Design Exhibition
伊朗 Elan Virtual Gallery 第三届国际年度设计展
Dooo Design Studio
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时 间: 21-06-05     |    // Link | 链接 //



Elan Virtual Gallery 3rd International Annual Design Exhibition

Exhibitions for poster design right before Nowruz to welcome spring. Now, for the third time, Elan Virtual Gallery intends to celebrate the start of the new century by introducing new era in media, design, and humanity.

We, at Elan Virtual Gallery and Niavaran Cultural Center, truly believe that overlapping of the new year and using the experiences of previous years could be a social, cultural, artistic, and environmental turning point for all of us.

If you, like us, are looking for a good reason to participate in individual and social behavior changes, the year ahead could be a starting point. Let us hope for the better days to come.






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