What Unites Us

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Word Design Day International Design Exhibition
Dooo Design Studio
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“What unites us?”


Today, negative factors such as wars, illnesses, racism, discrimination, cultural alienation, inequality separate us and estrange us from our human values. In this context, the need for emphasizing our common values as human beings emerges instead of these negativities. It is fair to say that the world we live in has brought us to a completely different point both sociologically and psychologically, through last year. We think that we as human beings understand the value of every moment we live and how important it is to be together in this process. We believe that the concepts that “unite us” are more meaningful, in this period when our awareness of the world has taken progress and we understand ourselves better. When we look at it from this point of view, we are looking for a common answer for this question that comes to mind. What unites us?


So, what is the role of design as a communication tool at this point? Based on the motto of  ‘graphic design changes the world’, we think that transferring these values keeping us together to the world through the eyes of a designer is highly important in today’s conditions. You can visualize the message you want to share with the world through your design and the slogan of this event “What unites us?”. Thus, we can succeed in bringing us together to emphasize our common human values through design. For a better world, we believe we can overcome the negativities (which break us apart) with the power of design.


For this reason, we expect your participation with your valuable designs in our international design exhibition “What Unites Us?”, which will be held once again within the scope of “27 April World Design Day”. Thank you for your participation.


We wish you a happy World Design Day!





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