The 4th Block 11

[ 乌克兰 / Ukraine ]
11th International Eco-Poster Triennial
第十一届乌克兰 4THBLOCK 生态国际海报三年展
Dooo Design Studio
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An accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant took place unexpectedly for the whole world 35 years ago. Fukushima exploded just as suddenly 10 years ago, preceded by an unforeseen earthquake and tsunami. Six months ago, almost the entire world was shaken by a coronavirus pandemic that affected the lives of billions of people. The speed of appearance of various scientific and technological achievements, the computerization of all spheres of everyday life, the extraordinary comfort of everyday life — this supposedly progressive and majestic time, unfortunately, is not a safeguard against a large number of unpleasant surprises. And it is possible that this time is their catalyst. We live today “between” and “in” two paradigms of change — the positive and negative consequences of our development and progress. In changes that improve and worsen our lives at the same time. Is there a similar correlation between all the changes? What can each of us do, what should we remember and what should be followed in our actions to avoid unwanted consequences? Triennial The 4th Block invites to understand and analyze the considerable number of changes that have happened to us in recent decades, not from the negative point of view, but try to expand the areas of personal responsibility, think about what humanity should do, and each of us as part of it, to make the utopia of a better life a reality, and to avoid changes for which we will not be prepared.



Visual Exhibition


The virtual gallery (author Nikita Khudyakov) was created as part of the XI International Triennial “Block 4” project, with the support of the UKF.






Events that changed the world.


PosterTerritory together with The 4th Block and Missouri State University presents FROM CHERNOBYL TO COVID poster exhibition. The show will feature selected artworks from The 4th Block poster collection and from The World After poster call.


Curated by Olga Severina and Oleg Veklenko / March 24 – April 9 / Brick City Gallery Springfield, Missouri.


Our environment is always changing, but there are certain, pivotal moments in human history that leave a permanent mark on the world, and drastically alter mankind’s relationship with the planet and with all living things.


Thirty-five years ago the catastrophe at Chernobyl power station transformed humanity’s entire understanding of modern technologies. It raised the questions of environmentally responsible industrialization and forced both scientists and the general public to rethink everything we thought we knew about clean and safe energy. As a result of this tragedy, people became more mindful of our often detrimental effects on the global landscape and more focused on finding ways of peaceful coexistence between nature and men.


Horrific accident at Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant that struck Japan in 2011, became another dreadful reminder of the dangers of untamed nuclear power. This devastating milestone once again showed the world the importance of switching to safe and renewable energy sources.


The global pandemic of 2020 is a devastating health crisis that continues to plague our species. Faced with this terrible curse that is unlike anything else humanity had experienced in over a hundred years, the world changed practically overnight. The aftershocks of this dramatic transformation are still being felt and we do not know what the world will be like after COVID, but there is no doubt that it will not be the same as the one we remember.


FROM CHERNOBYL TO COVID poster exhibition is a collection of artworks that dissect some of the most poignant events in recent history. Looking at these calamities and the effect they had on mankind and on the planet at large, the posters are not just exposing a world in distress, the artworks are looking into the future, searching for a path to a better world — a world without these and hopefully other disasters.


The 4th Block is a graphic designer’s exhibition, held every three years in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The exhibit takes its name from nuclear reactor number 4, which was destroyed in the devastating explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986. The 4th Block posters explore the latest trends and innovations in environmentally conscious graphic designs and promote personal and social changes that are mindful of the natural world.


PosterTerritory is a multimedia platform that organizes poster campaigns in cities around the world. Founded by an exhibition curator and graphic artist Olga Severina, PosterTerritory launches international poster exhibits that tackle a variety of social, political, and environmental issues faced by humanity on a daily basis. The World After is the latest project by PosterTerritory, where graphic artists from all over the globe imagine what the world will be like after the COVID pandemic.


Special thanks: Maria Gerasimchuk-Djordjevic.
Photos: Brick City Gallery




The World After selected posters as a part of FROM CHERNOBYL TO COVID Poster Exhibition at Brick City Gallery Springfield, Missouri.


PosterTerritory together with Association of Graphic Designers “the 4th Block” and Missouri State University presents FROM CHERNOBYL TO COVID poster exhibition.

Curated by Olga Severina and Oleg Veklenko | March 24 – April 9










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