CGDA 2017 国际标志设计奖

[ 香港 / Hongkong ]
国际标志设计奖 CGDA 2017
CGDA2017 International Logo Design Award
Dooo Design Studio
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CGDA2017 International Logo Design Award & the First CGDA International Logo Design Award intends to collect logos and brand image design works from design institutions, designers and students majoring in design from fine art academies in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese all over the world. Design Award consists of two groups: a professional group, and a student group. Each group is divided into two categories: logos, logos and application. As of Aug. 27, 2017, First Design Award had received 825 effective works from more than 20 countries and regions. Finally, there are 188 works winning the following awards — Design Grand Prix, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award, Excellence Award, and Finalist Award, 166 of which are from Professional Group and 22 of which are from Student Group. All award-winning works will be included in CGDA Works Yearbook.






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