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China TDC 文字设计在中国邀请展
Typographic Design in China Invitation Exhibition
Dooo Design Studio
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China TDC 2017作为深圳设计周的重要单元,将于2017年4月23日在深圳市南山博物馆拉开帷幕,此次系列活动将以更高的国际视野,提高深圳作为「设计之都」的国际地位,探讨文字设计和城市、文化、生活的关系。并通过国际邀请展、文献展、学术论坛、设计师交流等多种形式,立足深圳,引入国际设计资源,推动国际设计界及华人社会对视觉艺术、信息传达与文字设计的联通。



Shenzhen is the sixth city acquired the name of Capital of Design, which was authorized by UNESCO in 2008. The first Shenzhen Design Week (Organized by Shenzhen Municipal Government) will hold the grand opening on April, 2017, which will become an annual international design conference.


As an important component of Shenzhen Design Week, Shenzhen TDC (Typographic Designin China) 2017 will be holding its grand opening at Shenzhen Nanshan Museum on April 23rd, 2017. The series of activities will improve Shenzhen’s international status as the City of Design on a higher international perspective while we discuss about the relationship between typography andcity, culture and life. We introduce the international design resources and promote the industry of visual communication and typography among Chinese and international community based in Shenzhen by having the global invitational exhibition, literature document exhibition, lectures, panel discussions, and networking events among designers etc.





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