No Barriers

[ 委内瑞拉 / Venezuela ]
No Barriers International Poster Contest 1st
消除隔阂国际海报竞赛 1st
Dooo Design Studio
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No Barriers-01


No Gags wants to make an international campaign, where we prove that we will have a better future if we put all of our effort to abolish the barriers we have built among ourselves.

For this reason, we want to make a design contest where the inspiration is to overcome barriers between human beings: What is it that makes unite us as humanity? Or, what is the biggest barrier between races? The call is to get inspired with whatever you think is the answer for this!

We know that, through the years, we have created barriers by judging people who think differently, whether by religion, physical appearance, sexual preference, their nationality, among many other things. Therefore, we want to show everyone that, throughout artistic expressions, we are capable to overcome this and be the change we want to see in the world.


No Barriers-02

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