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Hiiibrand Awards 2015
Dooo Design Studio
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Hiiibrand Awards 2015,暨第六届Hiiibrand国际品牌标志设计大赛,由ico-D(国际设计理事会)认可,面向世界范围的企业、设计机构、设计公司、设计师,以及设计专业的学生征集品牌形象、标志和包装的设计作品,旨在借助Hiiibrand(嗨!品牌)网站这一平台,发掘国内外优秀的设计力量、褒奖优秀的设计作品,努力推动品牌设计事业的发展。


Celebrating its 6th year, Hiiibrand Awards 2015 is an international competition honoring brand design. Open to world-wide enterprises, design institutes/companies, individual designers and students majored in design, Hiiibrand Awards assembles first-class identity, logo and package design works, with the aim to look for outstanding design talents at home and abroad, reward excellent design works, and to advance and further the development of brand design.


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