Virtual Biennale Prague 2015

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Virtual Biennale Prague 2015
布拉格虚拟双年展 2015
Dooo Design Studio
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The 8th international exhibition of artists’ posters, Virtual Biennale Prague, has brought together 266 artists from 26 countries. The exhibition presents their works in two categories: professionals, and art college students (48 participating this year). The whole project is organised by the Association of Applied Graphics, Graphic Design Studio I of the Faculty of Art and Design of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, and the Altán Klamovka Gallery in Prague.


The 2015 theme is FRIENDSHIP, seen both from the perspective of the artists’ own reflections on this social issue, and as a response to current socio-cultural and political developments. The exhibited black-and-white posters aptly treat friendship in various forms: from the symbol of hands, through figurative motifs referring to existential positions, to the depiction of something ephemeral which connects all of us. Friendship is the cornerstone of humanity. The organisational committee’s objective was to show friendship through the filter of social networks which seemingly extend it, but which in fact detract treacherously from its authenticity, and to point out the way the current wave of refugees coming to Europe challenges our tolerance and friendship towards people of more distant cultures, who may eventually become our friends. The exhibition takes places in a mainly virtual environment, interconnecting the whole world via the internet, thus establishing the ideal conditions for reflecting changes in global society.


The Virtual Biennale Prague takes place both in a virtual environment (friendship-2015.tumblr.com), and in a physical place – the Altán Klamovka Gallery in Prague. It is thanks to the internet that the organisers are able to address a whole range of graphic designers around the world, starting cooperation with them and creating a valuable collection of artists’ posters on the given theme within two months. The works are also assessed by an international jury. As every year, the exhibited posters do not lack humour, hyperbole and irony, expressed by visual condensation, drawing techniques, and graphic elaboration.


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