Zoom Labs


Zoom Labs 是一个硬科技实验室,也是为人工智能企业打造的创新孵化空间。我们从科学背后的哲学来源出发,提取出同异、开关、零一等二元概念,设计出一组点阵图形,文字在点阵中随机出现,塑造了标识多样且统一的视觉形态。

Zoom Labs is a hard science and technology laboratory, and also an innovative incubator for AI enterprises. From the philosophy behind science, we extract the binary concepts of similarity and difference, switch and zero-one, and design a group of dot matrix graphics. Characters appear randomly in the dot matrix, which shapes a diverse and unified visual form.


项 目:品牌
客 户:Zoom Labs
设 计:Dooo Design Studio
时 间:19-06-03


荣 誉

奖 项:[ 香港 ] APD 15 亚太设计年鉴






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