Ozark x 3M 2017


Ozark 奥索卡作为国内一线户外服饰品牌,在追求产品舒适及安全的道路上,不断坚持对新科技的探索。2017 Ozark 携手著名多元化集团 3M,开发出一系列应用最新科技的款户外服饰,从容面对任何极端环境的挑战。

新品推广中,Dooo Design Studio 为其定义了全新的视觉风格,制作了电脑版及移动端两种展示方案,全面强化了品牌的户外属性,让野性之美自由绽放。


As a first line outdoor brand, Ozark never stopped to explore the new technology while pursuing safe and comfortable products. Together with famous diversified group 3M, Ozark developed a series outdoor clothing applying the latest technology, easily face the challenges of the any extreme environment.

Dooo Design Studio created a new visual style to new production promotion. We made both the computer version and mobile version, strengthen the outdoor DNA of the brand, freed the beauty of wildness.


项 目:品牌 / 推广
客 户:Ozark + 3M
设 计:Dooo Design Studio
时 间:17-05-25

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