疯医 [ Above The Neck… ]


疯医 - Above The Neck Below The Bridge

疯医乐队 2017 全长唱片。唱片设计试图通过“反设计”的手法来表达对立的状态,规则和混乱,理性和感性,乐音和噪音。版面上的所有线条都是随便画的,未经慎重思考。工艺表现上,哑光黑底色上局部的烫银给唱片封套带来了对比强烈的触感。

Full length album of The Fallacy band released in 2017. We use the anti-design way to express opposite states, orderly and disordered, rational and perceptual, noisy and harmonic. Disordered lines are arranged on the layouts without careful thinking. Due to the silver-foil on the black background, there is a strong touch feeling on the record sleeve.

项 目:唱片包装
客 户:摩登天空
设 计:Dooo Design Studio
时 间:16-12-24

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