Water is the base element of the human being which constitutes about 60% by weight. The one would die when losting more than 20% of the water. I want to stress the critical reliance of the human being in matter of water, expressing the truth that without water we can't survive. Because of the human figure is a common one, I use this graph for easy recognization. The hand-drawing is utilized to make more genial and vivid. The man bleeds in form of leaking water ,which reflects the human panic in a tone of humour and exaggeration.


项 目: 海报
设 计: Dooo DesignStudio
时 间: 07-05-01

奖项:ADI 设计奖 Vol.1 - 优秀奖
奖项:白金创意平面设计大赛 第九届 - 入选
奖项:东+西 国际海报双年展 第二届 - 入选

Ouch 01

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