Used Paper



We want people to truely understand the word "Low-Carban". As a designer, I often design poster to promote a low-carbon life. But the posters are all made of paper; they are also a waste to our nature. So I made a stencil board with the slogan "USED PAPER CAN BE USED AGAIN" and spray the letters to an old newspaper. So the poster itself is a practice of recycling.


项 目:海报
设 计:Dooo Design Studio
时 间:12-01-31


奖 项:斯洛伐克特纳瓦国际海报三年展 2015 - 入选
奖 项:香港国际海报三年展 2014 - 入选
奖 项:APD 9 亚太设计年鉴 9 - 入选
奖 项:上海亚洲平面设计双年展 第三届 - 入选
奖 项:北京国际设计周 2015 城市国际公益海报佳作展 - 入选

Used Paper Can Be Used Again

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