The Fuzz 乐队 – 爱恨情仇巡演

2013年,The Fuzz乐队于摩登天空旗下发行了首张专辑 [谁会做奔跑的马],由杨海淞操刀制作,也是House Party计划的又一力作。2014年,乐队进行了名为“爱恨情仇”的全国巡演,为期一个月。我们用胶布手工制作了一个标识,并设计了海报、T恤、手提袋。你会发现从前那个醉醺醺的唱着电子的法兹不见了,他们逆潮而上转向了后朋克。

In 2013, The Fuzz released their first album Who Wants Be Running Horse recorded by Haisong Yang under Modern Sky, another masterpiece done by Haisong Yang’s House Party program. In 2014, the band took a tour called Love Hate in 14 cities last a month across the county. We designed a handmade logo with tapes, posters, T-shirts and handbags. You would find the drunken Fuzz playing Electronic has gone. They turned into Post-punk against the trend.

客 户: The Fuzz 乐队
设 计: Dooo Design Studio
时 间: 14-01-24

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